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"Kindness Is King"

Brighter Light Brigade featuring Marla Vannucci and Dean Jones

In the summer of 2019, Amyliza and Marla co-wrote "Kindness Is King" during a songwriting workshop hosted by Thinking Outside the Blocks.  Both moms with concerns about the state of the world, they sought to write something inspiring and hopeful.

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Quarantine Collaborations

with Scott Jacobsen

In 2020, Amyliza teamed up with Scott Jacobsen to record two songs remotely.  Both tunes were inspired by her parents:  "Mama's Love" was written for her mother who passed away earlier this year, and "The Navigator" was written for her father's 85th birthday.

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Amy & Andy

Amyliza's music project with her husband, Andy Larkin

Inspired by their experience with miscarriage, they released two singles ("Sunshine" and "Traveling Together") on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2018, with the hope that these songs would find their way to those needing comfort and connection.

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Keep On

Little Miss Ann and Amy D 

In 2017, Little Miss Ann and Amyliza (Amy D) joined forces to release their award-winning children's album, Keep On.

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