Kindness Is King

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Amyliza and Marla Vannucci met in the early 2000s through Chicago's legendary Old Town School of Folk Music.  Their friendship started out as meet-ups to play music together, which organically evolved into both writing original songs, performing at open mics, and creating the bands The Patterson Project and Back 40: both female-focused projects with country, blues, and folk influences.


In the summer of 2019, they co-wrote "Kindness Is King" during a songwriting workshop hosted by Thinking Outside the Blocks.  Both moms with concerns about the state of the world, they sought to write something inspiring and hopeful.  Amyliza had just seen Mavis Staples in concert and wanted to channel the energy and positivity from her music / show.  So that afternoon, they explored the subject with Mavis' spirit as their muse.  "Kindness Is King" is the result of that songwriting session.  With the help of producer extraordinaire Dean Jones, they are excited to share their anthem of connection and empathy.